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Medium Density

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Citrine Townhouses by at Bloomdale, Diggers Rest

These architecturally inspired townhouses employ various materials and textures to influence the symbiotic balance between urban living and character living home touch.

In the sketch phase of this project, our in-house design team worked through compliance with the small lot housing code and Bloomdale Design Covenants to maintain liveability within low maintenance blocks.

Boundary to boundary construction utilizes space within the designs and maximises yard space.

The courtyards and articulation form create unique spaces for private sanctuaries whilst providing extra natural light and ventilation for habitable rooms.

Sleek minimalistic screens limit overlooking between dwelling types and form a great architectural feature.

Project Type:

Medium Density

Number of Dwellings:



Bloomdale Estate, Diggers Rest

Project Commencement:

1 December 2020

Project Status:

Under Construction